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Christopher Ameruoso

Armed with a mantra of “Just Do It”, Christopher Ameruoso has carved himself a unique and successful niche in the Hollywood Hills where dreams are made and stars are born. Gaining access to some of Hollywood's most sought-after stars, armed only with an artistic eye and his camera, Ameruoso has become a self-made photographer of celebrity portraits. He has been photographing actors, actresses, and models since 1998, and has released three best selling photography books of his work. That has lead to over 60 magazine covers of his photographs of celebrities. His eye catching photos have earned him the very well deserved respect amongst his peers in the photography world.

Over the years Christopher has been involved with a vast range of projects, including Photographic Magazines Featured Photographer, 'The Osbournes ' 'Bark at the Moon', the official Osbourne Book. Christopher was the featured photographer and tapped for a special tribute to the search and rescue dogs of 9/11 for ‘New Yorker' magazine featuring nine celebrities with hero canines. A calendar of his work was feature on 4 million Golden Grahams cereal boxes as a special promotion. Ameruoso was the official host of the 100th Anniversary of the Milk Bone dog food company. This included a satellite press media tour as well as many special guest appearances on national morning shows. His current project that he is produced with Priscilla Presley is a photography tribute book to honor the late Elvis Presley. This book features a collection of photos by Ameruoso featuring over 75 + celebrities wearing a pair of Elvis’ personally owned famous sunglasses. ‘Shades of Elvis’ shot to be the Number 1 best selling book on the internet in late 2014

Throughout the course of his career Chris’ work has been featured in People magazine, In Style, Smoke, OK!, US Weekly, The New York Times, Daily News, The NY Post, and The LA Times to name a few. In fact, People Magazine broke tradition and printed a unique black and white montage of some of Chris’ select pieces in a 5 page spread. With the success of reality shows Christopher has been ask to appear as a featured photographer on numerous shows throughout 2005-2014 some including: Workout, Criss Angeles Mink Freak, The Girls Next Door, Rob & Big, Americas Cutest Puppy, Groomer Has It, The Osbournes, Workout and was featured with his sidekick and four legged love Stella Blue on ‘Dogs 101’ to name a few.

His work can be seen every week in various magazines in his column titled 'Stars and Their Pets'. A 17 year running feature. His work is also featured on a behind the scenes look at the making of PAW Print on Comcast Cable’s ON DEMAND channel titled “Stars and Their Pets”

In 2006 Christopher had compiled video footage of some of his favorite shoots into a one hour special titled 'Stars and Their Pets' Behind the Lens. The show aired on Animal Planet in 2006-2008 Currently Ameruoso is getting more involved in producing and directing as well as taking his photography career to the next level.

2015 has already shown to have been a rewarding year for Christopher Ameruoso and he has been honored with many different rewards including: The Presidents Call to Service Award for bettering his community, The Onyx & Breesy Foundation Saving Tails Media Award, Last Chance for Animals Albert Schwitzer Award and later 2015 he will be Knighted by Prince Gharios of Ghassan one of Chrisopher’s highest honors.

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